How To Get Motivated When You’re In A Rut

I have fallen into a mid-summer rut. My vacation-deprived self has spent her time indoors avoiding the humid, sticky, 100 degree DC summer.

Sure, it’s sunny and there are so many things to do but the slow paced, lazy nature of August is going to make me have a full on conniption. I am someone who needs to stay busy and nothing has been quenching my thirst.

Good news is that I have put together a list of things to do to help you (and me) get motivated and moving even though the days are so long and so slow.

Get Inspired

This is a crucial first step. Head over to your favorite bookstore and pick up some inspiring books be it self help, lifestyle, cookbooks, art books, etc. I highly recommend “How To Be A Person In the World” by Heather Havrilesky (from Ask Polly), “Wellth: How I Learned To Build A Life Not A Resume” by Jason Wachob (from MindBodyGreen), and “You Are A Badass”  by NY Times best selling author, Jen Sincero. These books will change the way you look at health, relationships, and self care and will motivate you to make some positive changes in your life.

Not big on reading? Get into podcasts and youtube. The internet is filled with amazing resources that will fill you with ideas and inspire you to get moving. Kalyn Nicholson has some amazing videos filled with lifestyle advice and DIYs. NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso also has an amazing podcast, #girlboss, where she interviews Girlbosses who run shit in creative, cultural, and business ventures and comes up with some solid advice from the lessons they have learned along the way.

Invest In Your Surroundings

I am a firm believer that your surroundings dictate your mood. Take a trip to HomeGoods or Marshalls and treat yourself to a fresh new beadspread and some sassy throw pillows. Fill the room you spend the most time in with candles, cozy blankets, and inspiring wall prints. Make a vision board that reflects your goals for the year and will inspire you to work toward them every day. Set aside 5 minutes every day to tidy up your living space and make your bed. While you’re at it, reorganize your closet and assemble a donation bag full of clothes you no longer wear. Declutter your life.

Get Moving

Even if you’re just getting some work done at Starbucks, leaving the house and surrounding yourself with people will make you feel more energized and productive. You should also make some brunch plans with your girls and to give yourself something to look forward to.

Try Out Journaling

Sometimes getting your thoughts out on paper is all you need to make sense of how you are feeling and what’s bothering you in life. If you dont know where to start, I highly recommend The Five Minute Journal by Youtubers Mimi and Alex Ikonn.

Treat Yourself

Be it a mani/pedi, SoulCycle class, or some summer sandals you have had your eye on, treat yourself. It is so important, especially when you’re not feeling so great, to take care of yourself and do things that will make you look and feel good.

Get Into Serious Baths

Go to LUSH and invest in some bathbombs (try out this invigorating avacado lemongrass bathbomb). Pour yourself a glass of chardonnay and grab your favorite book and some candles and cozy up for some well-deserved “me time.”

Look Your Best

You never know when you’re gonna run into your ex boyfriend, right? Even if you’re just running to the grocery store, throw on a romper (it’s easier than picking an outfit and comfier) and some concealer to hide those dark circles. Invest in an eyelash curler to instantly brighten your face and look awake. When you look good, you feel good and exude confidence.

Comment below and let me know some of your favorite ways to stay motivated and get moving through the long summer months! Happy August!

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Eight Things Every 20 Something Needs to be Reminded of Every Once In a While

  1. Acceptance of yourself is more important than acceptance from others
  2. Getting no message is also a message
  3. Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong
  4. Be known as someone who is full of love and radiates light
  5. You probably have someone else’s goal physique; be nice to your body
  6. Dont say maybe if you want to say no
  7. Be with someone who makes your mondays feel like fridays
  8. Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to

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